Circular Valley

Uniting Industries
for a Circular

March 12-13, 2025
Areal Böhler

We bring the
Circular Economy on
a new level


The Circular Valley Convention is the platform for the industrial circular economy.

It covers the entire spectrum of the circular economy in all its dimensions and brings together top decision-makers from companies, start-ups, research, politics and society in one place.

Across materials and industries, it presents the entire spectrum of circular solutions, strategies and business models for all phases of the circular economy. As an international convention, the Circular Valley Convention includes top-class conferences, an expo and exclusive events. It offers space for knowledge exchange and networking at the highest level and promotes synergies and innovations. This makes it an important driver for the transformation to the circular economy of the future.


Strong networks at the Circular Valley Convention

The Circular Valley Convention is organized by Messe Düsseldorf in cooperation with the non-profit Circular Valley Foundation and with scientific support from the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT.

Everyone benefits from joint solutions through cooperation and networking: society, the participating companies, institutions and individuals as well as the extended Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, which we want to establish as the center of the circular economy.

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A convention –
three top-class formats

The innovative approach of the Circular Valley Convention focuses holistically on the circular economy and offers a varied event experience.


Benefit from the knowledge of internationally renowned top speakers.

The Circular Valley Convention is your access to first-class knowledge presented by top international speakers. The event creates a unique platform for networking between business, science, politics and society.

Under the heading "Enabling Circular Economy", the conference is divided into three transformative topics: Enabling Value Chains, Enabling Technologies and Enabling Materials.


Experience the innovations of the circular economy and discover new impulses for your circular business.

Experience a marketplace for circular solutions with an audience of top international decision-makers.

The convention offers in-depth insights and the opportunity to experience current trends and technologies at first hand through know-how transfer and best practice examples.


Take the opportunity to network and engage in intensive dialogue with industry leaders and up-and-coming start-ups.

The Circular Valley Convention offers extensive opportunities and areas for networking and cooperation.

As part of an exclusive evening event on the first day of the event, participants can exchange ideas on the circular economy over food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

Why the Circular Valley Convention

Community for the circular future

The Circular Valley Convention is the place to be for all top decision-makers who want to give the circular economy a decisive boost - in order to shape a sustainable and economically successful future. Here you will find a vibrant global community of like-minded people who want to drive innovation and realize visionary ideas together.

Best opportunities for innovative ideas

The international circular economy community meets at the Circular Valley Convention. The event format of conference, expo and events opens up the best opportunities for marketing your own solutions, exchanging knowledge, networking and cooperating to bring new ideas to the streets. With these diverse impulses, the Circular Valley Convention is the central hub for the circular economy and points the way to a circular future.

Top decision-makers in one place

The Circular Valley Convention is backed by a strong network with many top decision-makers. The convention brings together key players in the circular economy in one place: Business, science and politics, global market leaders and start-ups from all areas of the circular economy. No other event offers this opportunity for exchange at the highest level.

Circular economy in all dimensions

Its comprehensive, holistic approach makes the Circular Valley Convention unique. It brings together high-caliber decision-makers and covers all dimensions and the entire value chain of the circular economy. This holistic perspective creates a deep understanding of circular processes and makes the event a place where groundbreaking changes are initiated.

Shape the future of the circular economy with us

The Circular Valley Convention offers you an exclusive platform to present your expertise and innovative circular economy solutions to an engaged and knowledgeable audience. Whether you want to come into direct contact with industry leaders as an exhibitor or present forward-looking ideas as a speaker – here you will find the ideal space for exchange and inspiration. Register now and take the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the circular economy.

Your ticket to the future
of the Circular Economy

The Circular Valley Convention is the meeting place for everyone who wants to be at the forefront of the transformation to a circular economy. As a global platform that brings together leading decision-makers from various industries, research, politics and society, the convention offers unique insights into the latest trends, innovations and solutions that will shape the world of tomorrow. Whether you are part of an established company, an innovative start-up, a research institution or an NGO – secure your ticket now and become part of a movement that is committed to holistic and sustainable change.

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Circular Valley Convention on March 12-13, 2025 in Düsseldorf
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